The tortoise and the hare

Most years, I'll try and get the spuds in between St Patricks Day and Easter - this year though, Easter's early and its been that wet that really the grounds only ready now, so its been a slow start... That plus the herculean task of moving a ton bag of compost from the gate to the plot, using a wheelbarrow with a soft tyre, took up most march energy.   Now thats finished and the ground's turned I'm hoping to plant the chitted tubers this weekend - Pentland Javelins and Maris Peers.  

The wetness has delayed most work on the plots, although have managed to get sowing in the greenhouse...Last Sunday, 12 April, got broad beans in the ground... French beans planted in pots in the greenhouse, and a sowing of lettuces, broccoli's and cabbages - Primo's, Hispi's and Savoys...

Here's the plot plan for this year - wish me good luck!