Saturday, 23 October 2010

Not currently doing much work!


It may be autumn and the leaves dropping off the fruit bushes, but the raspberries keep coming. My favourite fruit! They don't come all at once but rather a good bucket a week from early september to now...

Otherwise turning the compost; transporting the nitrogen heavy, lemon smelling fruit and veg scraps from home through the streets of restalrig, risking earning myself a nickname of stinky johnny from the kids by the vennel, to mix with the crops.. Six months from now!!

Have to dash: the blog has now gone live... And colski's here at the gate to share a brew and celebrate thedons cuffing the hibbees by 4 goals to 1! Might even get him to guest blog! Another first for the warm shoots!

Sunday, 10 October 2010


Digging the main crop spuds... Good size (due to the chemicals?! More like Godzilla size!). Best left for a couple of hours in the cold portobello air to harden the skins before storing for the winter