Sunday, 7 November 2010

To Yorkshire

Allotments in Saltaire, Yorkshire

Love in the Laundrette

Two of a kind, we have so much in common
I thought, as I cycled past her on the Common

Our bags were stuffed with soiled belongings
Was she lonely too? Filled with untold longings?

I could write a tune, a poem or a play for her
Knowing that soon I would make a play for her

Although our eyes had met only moments ago
Once inside, I decided to give it a go

Cried: 'Let's put our clothes into the same wash!'
The look of horror told me that it wouldn't wash

'Let's save time and money. Share our washing powder.'
But she turned her back and snapped, 'Take a powder.'

She needed her own machine. To run her own cycle.
So I unloaded, and lonely, rode home on my cycle.

Roger McGough