Monday, 25 July 2011

Catching up

Part and parcel of tending the allotment, is the feeling that you're never quite caught up with nature - there's always something to be done and always something that doesn't get done. This used to cause me bother, however its best to be easy-ozy, that's one of the nice things about it - a place where you go in with one idea of what you're going to do, and then promptly you get stuck into something else - no lists, no boss and no worries... bit like your holidays...

Returned after two weeks camping on the Small Isles, the beautiful islands of Canna, Rum and Muck - all unique and very different from each other- lots of fresh food - from shellfish for Jimi's big birthday bash from Sandy's boat, whopping vegetables from the Greenshed, rabbit pie at the Gille Brighde on Canna, newly dug Craigentinny spuds and even a couple of mighty seafish, wrestled from the sea by Col and myself and cooked on the fire.

Returned on the weekend to a very green patch - everything has spent the last fortnight, both hot and wet, bolting upwards and outwards...

Forked the onion roots out, so that they can dry over the next two weeks
Dug the third row of spuds - the Dunbar Rovers - good sized tubers with lovely firm, buttery flesh
Pink Fir Apple spuds are stretching to almost chest height!
First pickings of broad beans
First pickings of loganberries
First picking of blackcurrants and gooseberries, shielded under netting - think I'm gonna make wine with these
French beans now two inches and reaching for support
Fennel and Kohl Rabi well established and coming on
Lots of courgettes, currently about 2 - 4 inches long...

Even saw a frog for the first time on the plot in over six years!

Monday, 4 July 2011

(Almost) independence day

A busy june, travelling to Slovenia and Zagreb, and then Belfast meant that any space time was spent on the allotment rather than writing about it! Here's a selection of pics from sunday 3 july...

Flattened the onion tops to promote final juicing up for a fortnight
Hauled out the first earlies - Pentland Javelins, who have a great waxy firm flesh, which held together when cooked on the fire in Canna
Harvested first batch of lettuces
Planted out cauliflowers and leeks in spaces left by 1st earlies
Planted out celeriac and pumpkin in cold frame, now with its top off
Potted on nero kale for second time