Monday, 22 March 2010

the power plant

Ah the good old days when i worked freelance and had mondays off! Got home from Skye late last night, and so spent the day dottering before getting down at 4pm. Just enough time to get the salads going - mizuna, red salad bowl, webbs wonderful, all year round, cos and romaine.

Cabbage and broccoli already peeking out - and got the Meteor Broad beans into the ground next to the ones planting last autumn - the race is on...

Be good to find out if planting early means slower growing leading to less strong plants - and therefore plant late, the seeds will catch up but be stronger - my hunch is yes. Any thoughts anyone?

Once a year you need to get the fire going - heres a pic from Feb!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


A beautiful spring day today - four hours spent fixing the greenhouse, installing two new panes, general tidy - taking out the last of the leeks which are slightly mushy and past their best signalling the should really come out last month - shouldn't really effect the soup I got in the hot pot right now!!

Plenty of jerusalem artichokes to re-establish that crop.

Cleared the sprouting broccoli and mixed in the manure to the first bed.
And planted the Lautrec garlic, and shallots, and Raab Broccoli outside,
and two rows of Olympia Broccoli, and Primo summer cabbage in the greenhouse.

Be good to see how the garlic compares to that planted in autumn:

Spent the morning listening to Joanna Newsom's new album as I banged, cut and brushed but it was David Holmes' latest on shuffle which prompted me to stop, sit back and listen later on