A big weekend

A great weekend for edinburgh - the main crop spuds got planted! I mean, both Edinburgh teams got through to the Scottish Cup for the first time since 1896... On saturday I was all set to spend the afternoon, listening to the Dons trump the Hibees. Colin from The Fruitmarket installation team had called earlier in the day asking if I wanted any wood as they were taking down a wall - I never need to be asked twice...  By 1pm I had a stash of batons, and some 10 roller trays which were also outside in the skip - so I'm settling down, turn the radio on to find it was a 12.15 kick off, and that the Dons were already out.  Maybe it was best not to have listened!

Instead I go to work building some strawberry beds.  I've always found strawberries to take up a lot of room, for fairly limited returns, but a special request from Maggie and the boys, a load of spare plants for Goad next door and the challenge to build up meant that by five I'd engineered a truly allotment response... wasn't even thought of at daybreak!

planting the spuds
Good to also welcome Salah to help with planting.  Salah's a fellow dad from Leith Primary and had done a lot of growing in Sudan, but is interested in getting back into it here... so I took him to the Lochend Growing Project to see about getting a bed, having spent the morning planting out

  • the spuds(Main crops, earlies in sat 7th april)
  • beetroot (Cioggia and Bolthardy)
  • lots of flowers and under cover:
  • the leeks (Musselburgh)
  • courgettes
  • calabrase
  • cauliflower
Planting flowers
Had a great morning together  with Salah getting to know some of the northern crops - not sure what he made of the Welsh prog rock, which provided the soundtrack.  Perfect for growing...The carrots definately 'dug' it - here's them poking their head above the ground straining to hear...

Can you dig it?