Saturday, 18 April 2009


So I had got the plans all sorted in January, and seeds started off in the greenhouse in Feburary, and then along comes March, and a delicious pub lunch in the Halfway House up Fleshmarket Close of pork, celeriac, apple and cider stew. never had celeriac, but deliciously nutty, great with a pint of guiness and just what the worker wants rather than going back for the afteroon... so this is this year's challenge. Planted this morning in the greenhouse.

Seeds kindly left in shed by Tom and Katie...

Friday, 17 April 2009

Tattie post

Been a while coming but here's the first of the tattie posts. Spent today planting out the last of the spuds - the main crops... Advice often varies as to when to get them in - In ireland it's traditional to get them in St Patrick's day, in Scotland by easter. I'd just planted my earlies this year when i read a memorable piece of advice from old school allotment book - Get the earlies in late and the lates in early Didn't bother scrabbling about getting them back out!

Instead this year I've got them started after St Patrick's Day, and finished by my birthday, April 20th. This year the mice got away with a lot of seed spuds from the shed - including all the Anya. So the Maris Bard's went in first on March 19, with the Arran Pilot two weeks later...

Above are the main's ready to go out today (from left to right): Osprey (from Tom), Maris Piper and Blue (from John). And below are the shaws (from near to far): Osprey, Blue and two rows of Maris Piper.

May 3: the yellow bush at end has completely gone to green...

Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Sutton - Broad beans planted out

A beautiful spring day - we all walked up Arthur's Seat this morning with Colin, coming back to pick up lassi's at Jock's Lodge... Checked out where the trainline goes between Abbeyhill and Fishwives Causeway - it crosses under London road twice?! Then took advantage of the hot weather to plant on the broad beans - two sets of sowing - on the 28 Feb, and two weeks later in mid march.

On the radio - Celtic drew 1 - 1 with the jambo's whilst Kris Boyd refinding the back of the net... The Don's? Secured the top six with a one nil win over Caley Thistle - Mhon the Dons!

Purple sprouting broccoli ready to pick

Having taken out the hearts two weeks ago, side shoots are beginning to come through thick - picked for steaming

Potting on the Primo's

Last year's success story - the primo summer cabbages (see pic below). Already they are well establised and ready to be potted on. Not sure about the spring cabbages though - all leaves and no heart!