Friday, 6 May 2011

Earth shifting

A big week in scotland, culminating today...

1.  Wit's inside the tartan box, you ask? 

Spuds of course!! ...Having missed my self-imposed deadline of Easter, got the main crop spuds in last sunday - Pink Fir Apples and Maris Peers - the earlies already showing their appreciation for the incredibly warm, sunny spell we been having for the past month... The ground had capped due to the warm spell and as a result was the diggin was like breakin rocks in the Sinai desert!

2. The brassicas are also responding to the warmth...

Potted them on on Monday, along with the courgettes.  Maggie noted last night the particular lush green colour of the fresh grass, and fresh leaves as appear and reach out, which lasts around three weeks at this time...
the courgettes' colour is just like that... 
I've always said that one of the best places to be with a hangover is inside a green pepper... thats also like that.

3.  Having got there too late last year, made it to Newhailes Nursery this week, a gem of a place near the Honest Toun, Musselburgh, to get my tomatoes.

Why is it that I consider buying plug plants cheating, yet its okay to get tomato plants ready started?

Partly because they're are such a rip-off - I saw six being sold in B&Q for £3 - thats 50p a plant - you can get a fully grown lettuce for 89p!  Instead of aiding the big guys cashing in on people interest in growing, go to those who have been there for the duration... and who will continue to be!

4.  So finally today - the culmination day for seeds planted long ago - the lettuces are out ready to be doused! 

Here's to the coming thunder and lightning - scotland's saying bring it on!