Saturday, 22 May 2010

the view from here

A nice sunny afternoon, potting on and admiring the views!

Time to have another getting at the tomatoes right - I don't think i have the attention or finesse required for them - much happier planting out the summer cabbage and lettuce!

Monday, 3 May 2010

you shower

So the eagle- eyed action Men and awake readers will have noticed a glaring mistake - the plot plan had four beds on the left hand side, when in fact there's five! Realising you've an extra bed for the season was like pulling over to pick up a hitch-hiker and finding out its Cat Power, asking you if you know the way to San Josè! So the peas have re-entered this years plan... planted in succession on 11 April, and 2 May.
The planting two weeks ago (on the 11 April) is proving fruitful - check out the progress so far: Musselburgh leeks, Red Rookie cabbage, wheeler imperial cabbage, Nero Kale, Borecole Kale, Celeriac and Sprouting Broccoli - all catching up on the Primo summer cabbages and Olympia Calabrase... the first batch of lettuces is out...the fruit trees buding and blossoming and the spuds are up!!