Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cabbage update

An update on the cabbages - the summer primos's looking like this - picking has begun, whilst the Savoys have just gone in. I've now picked the last of the beans and peas, and finally got the sprouting broccoli who were looking really thin and almost beyond it...
the leeks look good though!!

Monday, 20 July 2009

The only way is up!

Not sure what this means for the garlic - maybe it's pointing to our latest subscriber, in the southern hemisphere where the growing season don't start til october!!


Greetingz friends around the world!

Another monday night - another evening with the radio tidying and doing the jobs undo from the weekend. There was a great couple of documentaries on - one about the Iraqi national football team,, who recently failed to get through to the World Cup, and then one about women in Cheyna...

Meanwhile - pulled a row of onions to make way for the leeks. The seedling were all planted at the same time but in an experiment I potted on with two different methods - in a deep pot (as I had the hunch that its the roots which get restricted and stunt growth) and in loo roll holders. My hunch proved right as the deep leeks were ready i.e pencil thick, whilst the loo rolls were drowned in their six inch hole!

Also planted out another batch of lettuce (number three?) - Romano's and lollo rosso...

Harvesting - I took in the last of the first of three rows of the broad beans so that i could make space for a final sowing of beetroot, and took the first Primo cabbage home for the freshest of coleslaw... Got the first three 5-inch courgettes, and lots of blackcurrents still coming

I hung the shallots to dry in the shed, and having got some red onions (for the coleslaw!) bent back the rest of the onions so that they can ripen. In a fortnights time will fork the roots and dry for the two weeks whilst we are in Ireland.

To do - pull the peas and get the spouting broccoli in, and pull the rest of the beans and get some Autumn King carrots in...

Saturday, 11 July 2009

maggie snatcher

Back still knackered so Maggie's moved in on the harvests. All the Arran Pilots are now out, the blackcurrents and redcurrents ready for their first picking, the bulk of the broad beans. Been scoffing broad beans in various guises (with chorizo, broad bean houmous)all weekend !