Thursday, 14 April 2011

Chittin' all over the world!

Its spud planting time all across the northern hemisphere - (Mrs Takhtarova must of got hers in early to be weeding in mid april!)... Planted the first earlies last weekend with the main crops due in this weekend, a wee bit behind the traditional Irish planting calender, which starts on St Pats...  As long as I get them in by Easter, the traditional Scottish planting time.

Chittin' pics from last week, from across the world - it is of course harvest time in New Zealand... so lets consider  peaches to be the southern hemisphere's tattie equivalent... feel free to send your chittin pics to be added to the gallery! Cheers: Dad, Scottie, Gareth

Also sown in the greenhouse last sunday, 10 April:
Nero kale
Borecole Kale
January King Cabbage
Autumn Spear Calabrase
Purple Spouting broccoli

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Anna Takhtarova and her granddaughter, Rita, were weeding potatoes near the village of Smelovka on 12 April 1961 when a man in a strange orange suit and a bulging white helmet approached across the field. The forest warden's wife crossed herself but the girl was intrigued. 

"I'm a friend, comrades. A friend," shouted the young man, removing his headgear. Takhtarova looked at him curiously. 

"Can it be that you have come from outer space," she asked. "As a matter of fact, I have," replied Yuri Gagarin.

Fifty years ago with a rousing cry of “ Poekhali!” ( “Let’s Go!”), cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin raced skywards to become the first human in space.